Spearmint – This Candle Is For You CD


Released Friday 17th November 2023.


Spearmint re-unite with producer Rhodri Marsden (Scritti Politti) to follow-up 2021’s highly acclaimed ‘Holland Park’, with the superb ‘This Candle Is For You’, their tenth album proper. Missed out so far? This new album provides the perfect place to start!

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The dizzying multiverse of an album covers a wide array of themes, including the search for a missing sister, the ways we remember lost loved ones, Prince’s encounters with Joni Mitchell, the story of John Gavin, the James Bond star who never got to make a film, late-night drinking in Soho, the joys of B-movies & video nasties, changing attitudes to mental health, the plight and wonder of older cats, the reaction to the death of Sarah Everard, and the afterlife.

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